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Funeral and Bereavement Poems

By Kim Gibson
When a loved one dies, it can be difficult to express your feelings, especially in public at the funeral or memorial service. Poems can be a very effective way to communicate your feelings about the death of your loved one. Funeral and bereavement poems are a very important part of most funeral and memorial services, by helping to comfort and soothe grieving family and friends.

Jewish Funeral Services

By Carole Galassi
The Jewish funeral services vary somewhat depending on the different branches of Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Overall, the funeral ceremony is just the beginning instead of the ending of ceremonies. The Jewish funeral services are actually only about twenty minutes in length.

Funeral Remembrance Cards

By Carole Galassi
Remember your loved one with a lasting keepsake! Funeral remembrance cards are produced for a special tribute of a loved one who has recently passed. These homemade cards can come enclosed within an envelope and handed out at the funeral service by a designated friend or family member.

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