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Funeral Urns - Honoring and Remembering Our Loved Ones

By Sunil Punjabi
For thousands of years human beings have been born and have died. Cremation and funeral rites for the dead have been prevalent for thousands of years. Honoring and remembering loved ones who have died is prevalent in almost all religions. One way of honoring and remembering loved ones who have died is with Funeral Urns or Cremation Urns.

Selecting the Best Funeral Songs

By Franch Manch
Music plays an important role in funerals. They are meant to bring peace to the grief stricken family members, friends and other relatives of the deceased. That's why it's important to pick the right ones.

A Funeral Plan Removes the Burden From Your Family

By Andy West
Developing a funeral plan helps alleviate the pain associated with passing. By planning ahead, you can prepare for details to be handled the way you want so that your loved ones can move forward appropriately.

Funeral Slideshows - 10 Unusual Things to Include

By Jane Lehmann
When a loved one dies, lots of us decide to create a funeral slideshow to remember and honor them. Often the most that can be achieved is to gather the available photos and have them thrown into some kind of semi-automatically generated funeral slideshow. But you can do better. This article contains suggestions for folks who want to create funeral slideshows which become heirlooms.

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